Johann, Klaus and Dieter Herist

Rechnitz - Link to Südburgenland E-mail to Klaus Herist in Rechnitz in Südburgenland, the son of Isolde & Hans Grapes - Link to Südburgenland

Johann Herist lives in Rechnitz in Suedburgenland, just close to the border of Hungary and making wine is a tradition for the family. The family of Johann Herist is making excellent Austrian wine from the Burgenland region and he has won many awards. He can show many Gold-medals from his wines and in 1985 he was awarded the Welschriesling of the year from Burgenland. Also some brandies as well as the honey produced by him is of an extra ordinary quality.

Today his son Klaus and grandson Dieter have taken over the wine making business. Find out more details on the website of Rechnitz (

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